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 Uncle Wilford's Porch
 From the rolling hills of Western Kentucky comes a character of unfathomable mental prowess. From the early 1960s the opinions of this lunatic have been festering in his brain soup.

After roaming near and far, short and wide, he has finally made up his mind to settle down. Most of his waking hours are now spent in his bent-wood rocker creaking slowly to and fro while sippin on his jelly jar of Jim Beam bourbon.

He rambles for hours as he tells his silly stories and sometimes rants on and on about whatever has tripped his hair trigger. He talks of music, songs and songwriters.

Sometimes, if hes prodded long enough, he will even pull out his gee-tar and sing one for you. But no matter what, Uncle Wilford is not to be ignored!

You are cordially invited to pull up a chair or a bucket and join Uncle Wilford on his porch for a spell. There aint many rules to be followed here. Hes done broke most of em his self, anyhow.

Just be forewarned, when you decide to click onward to his blog, it aint gonna be pretty. Hes not much of a looker and dont dare let em catch you staring!

Oh yeah, one more thing. Sit wherever you like but stay clear of his boots. Im pretty sure his socks aint been changed at all in the last ten years or so.

The last time he changed em he never even took the time to wash his feet!

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