This is the website of the only terrestrial radio program in Southern Illinois devoted to the local musicians who provide the life-blood of live entertainment here in the heartland.
Here is the current list of individual artists and bands whose music has been heard on MS
Individual Artists

Danny Allen

Brian Alvis

Matt Antonik

Mike Avery

Brock Baltzell

Larry Barringer

Steve Berry

Jeff Bradley

Rod Brown

Connor Burge

Derek Burwell

Derek Campbell

Jeff Campbell

Larry Campbell

Shelby Campbell

Shane Carnine

Jordan Carter

Lamar Choate

Brittany Clarke

Rodger Coatney

Darin Cochrane

Meghan Crain

Jeanie Davis

Steve Davis

Jamie Dodson

"Stovepipe Steve" Dodson

Jim Elwyn

Steve Evanchik

Boo Fleener

Shawn Fleener

Charlie Frye

Adrian Garcia

Brett Gibbs

Gary Gordon

Roberta Gordon

Adam Greenwalt

Roger Greenwalt

Brent Hahn

Jim Hale

Cindy (Harris) Jones

Kyle Hailes

Tiffany Hailes

Tierre Harris

Del Herbert

Mandy Herbert-Stachyra

Mike Herzing

Individual Artists continued

Alice Hicks

Dee Hicks

Chuck Hicks

Michael Hicks

Nick Hoffman

Gene Hood

Sean Hopkins

Mike Horn

Larry Karcher

Mike Keck

Jarrel Keen

Roger Kirk

Rick Kirkpatrick

Billy Kniffen

Charlie Leuker

Kevin Little

Jeremy Lloyd

Greg Lundius

Dan Lynch

Steve Mandrell

Rolland Mays

John Metcalf

Jeff Miller

Garry Moore

Steve "Moon" Mullins

Amy Musielak

Dave Powell

Scotty Qualk

Matt Redding

Jim Rotramel

Chad Russell

Jake Schofield

John Scrivner

Mark Sheets

Dave "The Rythym Man" Simmons

Tommy Smalley

Sharon Smith

Josh Strothmann

Jeff Ward

Mike Webber

Rob Whisenhunt

Jerry Wilson

Keith Woods

Jerry Yearwood

Mike Young


Anderson-Avery Tropical Band

Bob's Your Uncle


Dallas Alice

Ded Ringer


Deja' VooDoo

Dirty Ruez

Doc Jones

Eveready Brothers

Eye of the Needle



Frontier Justice


Grains of Sand


Home Grown Harmony


King City Blues Band

Little Berry Jam

Little White Fish

Miponec Tribe

Monkey Puzzle

Moonbeam Lane




No Issues

Paducah Symphony Orchestra

Pumphouse Monster


Snake Lane Revue

South of 70

Spring Thaw All Stars


Swivel Rockers

The Answer

The Crave

The Exterminators

The Gordons

The L-Street Band

The Yuccas

Thunder Alley

Tommy Gunn

Torn & Frayed

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